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The Stunning Quality of Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels from Indonesia Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels of Central Java

The Stunning Quality of Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels from Indonesia Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels of Central Java

by support |August 27, 2020 | News

The world’s best furniture and reclaimed wood wall panels are from Indonesia’s manufacturers. Most of the time, we underestimate South East Asian countries for not providing the best products in home appliances and furniture. We believe that the artistic products should come from other countries such as East Asia or Europe. But that is not always true. The best wicker furniture is actually from Bali, Indonesia. Meanwhile, the best-sculpted furniture is from Jepara, Central Java. And the latest news shows that the best wood wall panels are from Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

The Best Quality Outdoor Furniture from Indonesia

The Materials

Indonesia is famous for the tropical forest from which high-quality woods and wickers are taken. This is the most excellent factor that the country has for starting the furniture and wall panels manufacture. For some decades or even a century, high-class wicker furniture from Bali has received much attention from international buyers. This is so because Indonesia’s wicker furniture has a strong material and excellent durability. Besides wickers, there is another outdoor furniture made of natural materials like pandan leaves.

Exotic Designs

The furniture from Indonesia is designed with an exotic look. Bali and Central Java are the centers of furniture in Indonesia. The products are usually inspired by the natural conditions in each area. The wicker furniture from Bali is made with the tropical inspirations because Bali has many beaches as well as forest. Meanwhile, the furniture and wall panels from Central Java gets the inspiration from the majestic culture of Javanese.

Skilled Crafters

Indonesia is a rich country with skilled artists. Many people in Bali are furniture crafters, dancers, and painters. Meanwhile, Javanese people are skilled in culinary and furniture. That is why the outdoor furniture and wood panels from Central Java are made with the most stunning art. The product has the detailed beauty which delivers the elegance of Java culture.

Wood Wall Panels from Surakarta

The wicker furniture from Bali has been popular for its quality. And the international world can also trust Indonesia’s manufacturer for an excellent series of wood wall panels. One of the most professional manufacturers to trust is Safirawood. The company has been running the industry of furniture and wood wall panels for years. Therefore, it has excellent experiences in manufacturing high-quality panels made of reclaimed woods. The woods are sorted carefully to produce the best panels. Besides, the company is experienced in shipping the products or reclaimed wood wall panels internationally.

Customers do not have to deal with a complicated procedure to buy the wall panels from The online system is always ready to serve customers. The customer service will be pleased to answer any questions from the valued customers. Besides, it will be easy to order the products through the online service.

The reclaimed products do not mean a bad one. Though the materials are old and used wooden materials, customers will get excellent products because of the skilled workers and high craftsmanship of the team. Get your favorite reclaimed wood wall panels right now!

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